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We use the Authorised (King James) version of the Bible. Our services follow this order: hymn, Bible reading, prayer, hymn, sermon, hymn, followed by the benediction. Services usually last around an hour and a half

On Sunday

Our preaching services on Sunday start at 10.30 am and 2.15pm.

During the week

We have a preaching service on a Wednesday evening, starting at 7.30 pm. The last Wednesday of every month is normally a prayer meeting. For your information, the prayer meeting address will be streamed live but will stop streaming during the middle hymn.

Our services are live streamed on Sunday and in the week. The link is on our "ListenLive" page. Please note : on our prayer meeting the live stream is switched off after our Pastor's address & middle hymn.

Sunday school

Our Sunday School is at 1.15pm for children aged 4 and upwards. It lasts for half an hour.

Visitors are very welcome to any of our services


In addition a monthly 'Girl's Night' is held for girls 13 years and upwards each month.

A monthly Bible Study takes place each month also.

Both of these are held at our Pastor's house.

Please contact us for further details.( see contact details)

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